Company Profile

The name " Micro Burn-in & Technology " is evidence that our company is committed to the design, manufacture and operation of reliability test systems for electronic components.

The founders and principles of Micro have decades of experience in supplying reliable and efficient burn-in and life testing systems and instruments to both component manufacturers and to users of high reliability components.

As you visit our website, we invite you to discuss your reliability requirement with our technical and sales-engineering staff for comment and comparison to other requirements in the industry.

Whether passive capacitors and resistors, or diodes, transistors, or I.C's Micro Burn-in has a solution for you. We have solutions for Voltage conditioning, HALT, Weibull, Diode and transistor HTRB and HTFB, power cycle/ thermal fatigue and more ...
    Our Team

  • Certified engineers
  • Consultative services
  • Project planning 
  • On-staff project designers
  • Material acquisition specialists
  • Manufacturing / Assembly team
  • Shipping specialists
Upcoming Events

Micro Burn-in participates in tradeshows and industry-related events.
As we commit to those dates, the details will be displayed here.

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PO Box 1298, Poway, CA  92074          Office Voice:  (760) 746-2010
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